Step 1

You'll need some ID to get started. Almost anything will do - even a letter with a name and address will be enough to get you to the next step. No ID? Check out our Help guide here

Don't panic, the Ministry of Social Development can help you get ID if you don't have anything available. Get in touch with MSD to start that process. 

We recommend calling the Ministry and asking for an 'emergency walk-in appointment'. It may take a couple of days to see someone. 


Step 2

Explore all your options. If you are waiting for your appointment or you have contacted the Ministry out of office hours, you can still try and find some temporary assistance in the meantime. Do you have family, friends, work colleagues or community members who could help you out on a short term basis? 

Is there someone who can help you work through this process? If language is hard for you, try reaching out at your local library. 

Is your appointment still some time away? Christchurch City Mission may be able to lend a hand. Read the information on their website first, then contact the Mission if you have further questions about what it's like to stay there. 


Step 3

To qualify for emergency support from the Ministry, you need a form of income. You can either be working to earn this, or be receiving a benefit - which means you'll already have an MSD identification number. Have a look here for what to bring when applying for a benefit, you will need to make sure you bring the correct items to your booked appointment.

At your appointment, the Case Worker from MSD will walk through the process with you.


Next is temporary or permanent housing