Step 1

There are a few basic things you will need to have:


Before you contact Work and Income, you need to show you are trying to find your own solutions. Let's start now, and look at your options:

  • Check newspapers and online for rental places where you can stay.  Librarians can be very helpful for finding information or setting up online accounts, like Trade Me.
  • Put notices up at supermarkets or look at the notice boards.
  • Look for jobs online through websites such as, Trade Me, or post on Neighbourly.
  • Look into services that help you get ready for interviews (writing CVs, haircuts, clothing). There are a wealth of resources that are available at little to no cost (see Other resources)


Step 2

If you haven't managed to find a job, or accommodation through the above suggestions, book an appointment with Work and Income. They will work with you to find an outcome.